Frill Holding AB - Frill is an innovative company that has developed a unique frozen platform with its first product being Frill The Frozen Smoothie, a genuinely healthy ice-cream. Frill creates healthy nutrition alternatives based on scientific evidence and avoids short-term hypes and trends. Frill is fiercely on the side of its consumers and will deliver to them affordable healthy nutrition and insight, thus enabling consumers to make their own decisions based on facts and enjoy life by having delicious products for themselves and their families.

Frill's innovative platform technology permits the creation of smooth frozen textures. The technology, which was developed in 2014, can be applied to a number of food categories. Frill’s initial product is in the ice-cream category. This technology has allowed Frill to create creamy textures for a frozen dessert made entirely from fruit and vegetables, thus allowing the creation of a healthy frozen dessert that is highly differentiated compared to all other products in the ice-cream category. Fiber is the only macronutrient that people on average are eating too little of – as opposed to sugar, protein and fat that are being heavily over consumed. Evidence showing important health benefits associated with high fiber intake are accumulating, and Frill follows the scientific discussion and takes the lead in offering more fiber to its consumers.